Yaak Entertainment company is a Nigerian based Music Record Company. They commenced business in Nigeria in 2008 as Yaak Records under Yaak Production Nigeria Ltd, with core competence in the provision of services for the Nigerian music and entertainment industry. Yaak records nigeria services offered then included equipment hire, record label support services and artist management. Yaak entertainment Nigeria has in time past projected two of the most talented nigerian artistes to come out of Nigeria , through the means of massive promotion, worked with the most creative video director around to bring out the best of quality pictures. Yaak entertainment nigeria has a strong passion for burden talents who are yet to be tapped, with aim to harness them through the organization of talent hunts program across Nigeria. The two nigerian stars currently on the label were discovered through such means.

Our Pledge

    We pledge to encourage and reward superior performance and innovative entertainment ideas, and promote personal and professional music development by fostering an atmosphere of respect, openness, integrity and teamwork. Yaak entertainment nigeria are available to help you with your musical and entertainment needs. We work to generate the atmosphere of fun, creativity and elegance. We are committed to enterprising that generates growth, opportunity and well-being in nigeria.


    We value and express warmth, kindness and friendliness. We believe in the power of a smile.


    We arrive at each event with renewed passion for success. We believe in exceeding expectations, not just meeting them.


     We communicate with one another, respect and help each other. We believe in exceeding expectations, not just meeting them.

Attention to Detail

     We are conscientious and diligent in every element of event planning task we undertake. We believe in consistently high quality work that benefits every colleague and guest.


     We constantly seek out fresh ideas, innovative music solutions and different perspectives. We believe that through extensive research, attentive listening and pure imagination we can enrich the experiences of our clients, colleagues and guests